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August 7, 2013
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Love Is Blind – Hisoka x Smtry Fanfic

Written by Imoon90 and Edited By Wolfdare

Chapter 2

Both boys walked in to Hisoka’s workshop. Hisoka turn on the lights and turn to Smtry.
”Well... We are here!” Hisoka said to Smtry.

Smtry walked into the big room. He stroked his fingers at the big and long tables. It was cold and cool entrusted denvarma day.
He went around and began to feel the fabrics that was lying on the tables. He stopped and felt on a fabric that was a bit fluffy.

”What is this?....” Smtry asked as he was toughing the fabric.

”Oh, well...that my moms dress! Um....she wanted it that fabric for her dress. I'm not who designed it.” Hisoka replied.

”I find it kinda strange to have cloth in this fabric” Smtry laughed.

”Yeah, I know she has a very strange style.” Hisoka chucked.

”Well I she likes the furry style.” Smtry smiled.
Hisoka and Smtry both let out their laughter.

”Yeah, she like also strange colurs! She likes purple with yellow and shit, you know?” Hisoka said.

”Um...I dont get colors you know...” Smtry said

Hisoka facepalmed ”Oh gosh, sorry I forgot!...”

”Its ok!...but...can you try to explain colors for me?.... just try...” Smtry said as he started to twindle with his thumbs.

”I'm so ..sorry Smtry, but I am very bad on explaining things for people..and I'm not sure how to explain colors to you.” Hisoka looked the ground, his right arm was over his head, as he scatched his head.

”....I understand.. its kinda hard, you know. I can't see or understand that kinda thing.” Smtry voice sounded depressed. His face was towords the ground.
Hisoka look at Smtry and saw a kinda sad face.

”Um..but I'm sure that your world must be fantastic too! I mean... we maybe see things in diffrent ways.” Hisoka tried to reasure Smtry.
Hisoka was smiling.

”Hmm...I can't see your world... but you can see mine...” Smtry said.

”I can?” Hisoka asked.

”Yeah!...You only need to close your eyes and DON’T open them...wait...and I will show you. But first... tell me when your eyes are closed.” Smtry awaited a replie.

”Um alright!” Hisoka said.

Hisoka closed his eyes as Smtry asked him to do. " Well, now they’re closed" Smtry grab Hisoka’s hand and lead him back outside. Smtry start feel on the ground to search after the closest flowerbed. Smtry walked behind Hisoka and made him to sit down on the ground. Smtry's hands was slowly taken Hisoka’s and both hands was put into the soil. Hisoka started to blush and was thinking ’He’s...touching me..?’

”Can you feel that?...tell me.. how do you feel...” Smtry asked.

Hisoka was still blushing but tryed to concentrate. Hisoka said a bit
silly, ""

Smtry giggle a bit and said "Pff.... tell me more about it!...It’s so much more!..."

Smtry pushed their hands deeper into the soil.

”!.... Do you feel the fiber? ... Do you feel the consistency? It is porous and it is cool. Do you feel all who live under here? Can you feel them crawling.”

”Um..yeah now when you tell me about it" Hisoka said with a little bit nervous voice.

He pulled his hands out from the soild and brushed them off.  Hisoka turned and held one of his hands against Smtry’s cheek. "Thank you for trying to show me... it was an...experience!" Hisoka said softly.

Smtry took Hisoka’s hand away from his face sofyly and asked,
"Hisoka...can... I feel your face?...I just only know my own face and my parents. But, I want to know your face too.."

”My face?? why not?!...” Hisoka said blushing slightly, but he let Smtry touch his face. Smtry lift one of his hands as he started to stroke his fingers over Hisoka forehead, then slowly stroked his fingers down over his nose, and over his lips. Hisoka face was pink the whole time. Smtry began to take with both hands on both cheeks of  Hisoka. He stopped when he find something strange under the eye. It was a scar.

”What is this?...” Smtry asked as he was still touching the area. Hisoka lift his hand and touch Smtry’s hand. " I...dont wanna talk about’s just a scar......" Hisoka said, with a lower tone of voice. Smtry just kept going without any answer and felt all the piercings on Hisoka’s face.

”What is this kinda of stuff?...Is it some metal stuff in your face??....” he asked with a curious expression.

”They are piercings!...It’s an appearance thing.” Hisoka said.

”But why? Did it hurt?” Smtry asked.

”Yeah a bit, I think, but not any longer. If you want to be pretty you need to feel a bit pain...” Hisoka said with a bit smile on his lips.

”You don’t need those...I already think you are pretty...” Smtry said his hands was still on Hisoka’s face.

”You do??....sorry..I-I’m...just not use to hear that...I'm not that popular guy type of guy you know?...” Hisoka said.

”I’m not the popular guy either..but I don’t get what is popular and what is not popular. But, to me, you are a good looking guy and a great friend of mine.” Smtry said as a smile formed acrossed his face.

”Oh my..god Smtry.....for real?” Hisoka got a bit emotional for some reason...but stop himself to get wet eyes...He held it back the tears as he looked at Smtry.

" it my turn to touch your face now? " he said with a small nervous but exited smile.

”Of let me feel your face. But you should have your eyes closed if you wanted to feel it in my way.” Smtry said.

”Yeah um..ok!”

Hisoka was thinking ’How can I have my eyes closed...when I can see him this close and touch his face at the same time?...’ But Hisoka closed his eyes, he took his hands, and put them on both sides of Smtry's face. He began stroking, softly over his cheeks, and pulled his thumbs lightly over Smtry’s lips. He couldn't not resist and open his eyes again. He saw the most soft, beautiful, and kind face he ever saw.  
He got closer to Smtry’s face and touch his nose tip against Smtry’s nose tip. They were so close now that they could feel each other's breath.

Hisoka thought to himself ’Oh shit....we are so close....should..I?....’ The breath of Hisoka got a bit chaky and nervous. He keep touching gentle Smtrys face with his fingers. His heart began to move faster and he felt he no longer could hold out more ... He has never been this close to Smtry .. and maybe there will be no more time...Smtry stayed silent and just stood close to him.
Hisokas heart was beathing soo fast. He started to go closer and closer to his lips but he was thinking ’What will I do?...WHAT WILL HE DO!?...maybe he will push me away...but I can't hold my feelings back!’s a risk...damn huge risk..’
....Before Hisoka even finished thinking, his lips was against Smtry’s lips...
Smtry is not moving...Hisoka push his lips deeper into Smtrys lips and now they were kissing. The only thing that surounded them now was the light of summer and wind streaks through their hair...

It was silent and both hold the same posession

Hisoka stopped the kiss and moved back a bit, his hand was still Smtry's face.

"..I..I.I’m so sorry Smtry! I should’nt have done that...." Hisoka said
... it was just silent, even in his mind...

They just stood there, having nothing to say...then... came Smtry's first movement as he put his hand over Hisoka’s face, the other hand grabed Hisoka’s hand, then Smtry leaned forward, and kissed Hisoka back softy....

...Hisoka closed his eyes pulled Smtry closer to him as they kissed....
omg omg omg .............................>///////////> how faaar can we goo ? or..they?..hmm...

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omg omg this was just, so adorable!!!! :iconadorableplz: you're amazing at writing stories like these, i want MOOOOOORE!!!! :la: >//u//<
can't wait for the next page, it's so cute!!!! <3333
Imoon90 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
YAAAY!*___* i'm so glad you like it<3 yea I working on the chapter 3 right nowĘ^
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Ho-ho-holy crap! So cute! Symtry prolly don't understand what gay is. So kawai! You are a good writer! And last but not least, FIRST!
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thank you soo mush!!


no I guess smtry don't understand the sitvtation to 100%XD

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ahhahaxD!....I wanted to post it last night..BUT...the person who fix the grammar was't online T_T
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